Pixel Casting

During pregnancy, the parents go through a very emotional journey, just dreaming about their baby, how she or he will look like, how
they are going to hold their baby first time etc. But when this actually happens, they feel so overwhelmed that all those thoughts of preparation goes out of the window. The real-time experience of parenthood is so magical that everyone wants to freeze those moments of life. Casting of hand and feet impressions is a beautiful idea to create a memory of those tiny little fingers, so that a family can cherish those fine lines forever. PIXEL CASTING provides services of 2D and 3D casting of hand and feet for new born within the hospitals. These services are available in various hospitals across Delhi NCR, Chandigarh and Jaipur for now and sooner will be extending Pan India. We take prior bookings for casting, one can also avail the services instantly while admission in the hospital for delivery. We use the most natural and herbal
ways to create the impressions of new-borns.


I am residing far away from home because of job. Parents are living alone at home. I call them every week to get assured of their well-being. But every time they start weeping. They use to recall those golden moments when I was born, when they held my hand for the first time, when they kissed my small feet and felt the purest form of love. I can’t make even the slightest guess of what they are going through now, how much they long for holding my hand again, how much they want to time-travel to feel that love again. Having a souvenir of my birth must have helped them to relieve some of the stress. I feel that an object of remembrance of a very special event is must to be owned. No one knows when you need that souvenir so much that it may become your one of the most important reasons to live. I would suggest everyone to get your baby’s one hand and at least one feet casted. You will definitely love to look at them and feel them in future. You will never forget those fine lines which brought you immense strokes of luck and endless love in your life.


In the garden of family, the bud is being awaited to bloom. Different flowers have to wait for like 9 months to finally welcome the new member in their garden. Flowers are taking proper care of the nourishment of bud so that it can turn into a healthy flower. And finally that moment has arrived when the bud is turning into a flower. This is the most beautiful moment. The new petals of the flower are so delicate, so lovely, so adorable. Flowers wish that they could live this moment again and again throughout their lives. So happens with humans. When the birth of baby takes place, the family is mesmerised to see their loved one for the first time. They adore the tiny hands and feet of the baby like a petal. They wish that they could cherish this beautiful sight of small hands and feet for the eternity. In future, they will be wanting to travel back in time when they first felt the petals of this small flower with their hands. So, the latest technology of casting gives you the golden opportunity to freeze the petals of your flower so that you can re-live this heavenly moment anytime.


Birth of the baby is a time when a new life comes into the world and parents get new responsibilities in their life. One of the most important responsibilities is to become a shield of their baby. A shield, not only to protect them but also to nurture them with love and care for the rest of their life. Parents have to safeguard their child in every situation and have to stand by them in every condition. When parents get their child in hands for the first time, they promise themselves to hold them with love just like this for their whole life and to guide them to right path forever. The shield of parents is a blessing in one’s life, the blessing that people require in every part of their lives. But sometimes people miss that shield around them due to unforeseen circumstances. So casting is a wonderful way to feel that shield every time. It is the best way to realise how much parents protect their child right since birth. This casting gives a divine sense of surety that nothing bas can happen to us until our parents are there to support us, no matter what happens.

Baby Record Book

This baby record book lets you record every moment of this exciting time, from breaking the news to special hopes and dreams for the future. Fill in sections of this enchanting book to create a treasury of precious moments. The record pages allow you to preserve details and photographs of everyday events and milestones as well as significant family occasions and holidays.

  • Coffee Table Book
  • Wrapped canvas
  • Digital Birth announcement
  • Multi Framed Collage